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Thank you for visiting Autumn Siren Flies website!  I am a single man fly tying operation located in the heart of Steelhead Alley and some of the finest trout and bass fishing in the northeast.  I tie all my flies to do one thing: catch fish!  As you browse my website you will find some of my favorite flies for steelhead, trout, bass, and many other warmwater species.  In addition to tying northeast favorites I also do custom orders for fly anglers fishing all over the country from Maine to Alaska.  If you have any questions or would like to have a fly custom tied feel free to contact at my email or on any of the social media links listed below.
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How To Order (updated 1/1/2022):
 If you would like to place an order for any of my fly patterns please send an email to or call me at (585) 376-0359.  Please include the name of the fly, what size hook, and color that you would like.

Payments: I accept PayPal and postal money orders.

Shipping: I will bill you for what shipping by USPS costs me.  Typical orders ship for $5.

As of 1/1/2022 I will no longer be utilizing the "PayPal Cart" feature.

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Autumn Siren

The fly I caught my first steelhead on and named my business after.

Size: 8


Egg Sucking Steelie Caddis

This is one of my favorite flies for fishing steelhead in high water or for use as the "anchor" fly in a Czech or other European style nymphing rig.  Custom options available.
Size 12

Bead: Brass (painted orange) 


Flash Fly

One of my favorite streamers for stained water.

Size 8

Beadhead: Gold or Orange


Elk Creek Bugger

Good streamer for slightly stained water.

Size 8
Beadhead: Brass or Orange


Hot Shot Hex

Spring steelhead favorite.

Size 10
Colors: Pink, Orange, Chartreuse


Pink Lady Sucker Spawn

 Good color combination for steelhead. Tied on a MFC 7045 Heavy Scud Hook
Sizes: 12, 14, 16

$3.00/3 flies

Krystal Spawn (Krystal Meth Egg Fly)

This is the classic Lake Erie steelhead egg pattern Krystal Meth (which got its name partly due to a faint resemblance to the illicit drug, mainly due to the fact this fly causes steelhead to act like junkies who can't get enough of it!)
 Tied on a MFC 7045 Heavy Scud Hook
Size: 10 or 12
Colors: Pink, Chartreuse, Orange, Fluorescent Orange, Steelie Blue
$3.00/3 Flies

Steelie Smelt Gen 2

Good choice for salmon or fall steelhead.

Size 8



Tied on a MFC 7045 Heavy Scud Hook

Sizes: 12
(what I recommend for steelhead, can be custom tied in any size 6-18)
Colors: Chartreuse, Orange, Steelie Blue, Pink, Salmon

$3.00/3 Flies


Estaz Spawn

From Top-Left Around Clockwise: Pink, Chartreuse, Orange, Steelie Blue, Red

This is a pattern of my own design that is not your traditional estaz egg.  The vast majority of Estaz eggs you see for steelhead today are tied with the Estaz wrapped around the hook shank to create a ball shape.  However, I prefer to tie my Estaz eggs like sucker spawn with all the material above the hook gap.  I feel this gives the fly angler a slight edge in hooking steelhead: the little loops of material are more likely to get caught in a steelhead's teeth giving the fly angler just a little more time to set the hook and the clear hook gap ensures there is nothing to slow down or impede the hook set.
Tied on a heavy wire Montana Fly Company 7045 Size 12
Colors: Pink, Chartreuse, Orange, Steelie Blue, Red
$2.50/3 Flies

Blood Dot

This is my favorite "realistic" egg fly to use for steelhead. 

Tied on a MFC 7045 Heavy Scud Hook

Sizes: 12, 14, 16 (what I recommend for steelhead)

 - Can be custom tied in any size 6-18

- My "Go-To" size for steelhead is a 12 or 14

- Lake Ontario Salmon eggs are around a size 8

- High Water Steelhead I like a size 10 Orange/Red or Chartreuse/Red

 Colors (first color denotes egg color/second color is the dot color):

Egg/Orange, Egg/Pink, Egg/Chartreuse, Egg/Cerise, Egg/Steelie Blue, Dead Egg White/Orange, Dead Egg White/Pink, Dead Egg White/Steelie Blue, Peachy King/Orange, Peachy King/Pink, Orange/Red, Chartreuse/Red
$3.00/3 Flies

White Death

Top steelhead fly for Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.  

Size 8