Mysis Shrimp

Featured in the Fall Issue of Fly Tyer Magazine

The Mysis Shrimp (mysis reltica) is a staple food source for fish in the Great Lakes. According to biologists, Mysis shrimp can make up to 50% of a steelhead's diet when in the lake (the rest being baitfish such as Erie Shiners). Before the steelhead run the creeks in the fall, they gorge heavily on these shrimp. Although it is believed steelhead eat this fly out of instinct from their time spent in the lake (the same reason Northwest steelhead fisherman use flies imitating squid and prawn), I have found Mysis shrimp will scouting Chautauqua Creek this summer, so it is possible steelhead still feed on them in the streams. If you are familiar with western tailwaters, this is the same shrimp that grows big trout in the Frying Pan and other Colorado rivers.
Sizes: 14, 16, 18