Hexagaina Nymph

The Hexagaina nymph is present in huge numbers along the shore of Lake Erie and tributaries (if you have ever experienced the spectacular "Michigan Caddis" hatch in June this is the nymph). Steelhead prey heavily on these nymphs both in the lake and in the streams during their spawning run. I find Hexagaina nymphs to be most effective early in the run (late-September to early-October) although steelhead will take it in winter and spring. Since Hexagainas are burrowing nymphs, they are most effective when fished over the muddy/silty bottoms found near the mouths of creeks. This is also a highly effective fly for spring Smallmouth Bass.
Size 8
Colors: Tan, Gray

Weight Options: Mono Eyes or Beadchain


Weight/Eye Type