Estaz Spawn

From Top-Left Around Clockwise: Pink, Chartreuse, Orange, Steelie Blue, Red

This is a pattern of my own design.  The vast majority of Estaz eggs you see for steelhead today are tied with the Estaz wrapped around the hook shank to create a ball shape.  However, I prefer to tie my Estaz eggs like sucker spawn with all the material above the hook gap.  I feel this gives the fly angler a slight edge in hooking steelhead: the little loops of material are more likely to get caught in a steelhead's teeth giving the fly angler just a little more time to set the hook and the clear hook gap ensures there is nothing to slow down or impede the hook set.
Tied on a heavy wire Montana Fly Company 7045 Size 12
Colors: Pink, Chartreuse, Orange, Steelie Blue, Red
$2.50/3 Flies